Where does chakras energy comes from?

We tend to think about Chakras as something spiritual, and yet, Chakras are energy centers/heat points in our body, to be explained by the activity of glands. The conventional medicine checks the condition of the gland such as the thyroid gland, in three condition's (Hyper, Hypo, Balance). Code-Ya system, check the Chakras in three different conditions also: Excess or Lack of energy (Heat) or balance. The Thyroid Gland is parallel to the throat Chakra. Each Chakra has her own parallel gland since the energy of each Chakra is directly influenced by the activity of the glands. The energy/ heat created by motion in our blood vessel, the nerves, hormones.
The unique Code-Ya technology can check the heat and energy level of the Chakara.
With the Code-Ya software we can get an accurate indication of both – the gland and the Chakra, therefore the physiological and emotional state etc'.
According to the Code-Ya method, this motion of our body is producing heat and it is motivated by our own Name…
The language we speak, or rather 'play' in our body, which is a musical instrument, that vibrates in every word we say… Our name is played through our vocal cords,
resonant in our resonance boxes – lungs… words vibrate in every cell of our body, in every drop of water… (Masaru Emoto proves this in his experiment )
We 'play' our NAME through our entire life, this Matrix vibrates while creating waves and frequencies which deeply affects us…
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